Acquisitions have skyrocketed, big fish are diligently eating small ones

Acquisitions are the fastest way for a company to expand its portfolio. True, it’s not always cheap: Citrix, for example, recently spent $ 2.25 billion to acquire the Wrike SaaS project management platform from Vista. But it’s not just such high-volume deals that closed in early 2021: let’s see some of the more interesting ones from the lower regions that also show some trends.

Tenable network security company acquired Active Directory security startup for $ 98 million, Alsidet. Microsoft’s popular service is also a prime target for hacker attacks, and if an attacker obtains a user’s credentials, they have already entered the network – Alsid was created to prevent this. Its solution will be a strategic part of Tenable Cyber ​​Exposure’s vision to significantly reduce enterprise cyber risk across the entire attack surface.

The coronavirus epidemic has significantly thwarted online commerce, and this is reflected in corporate acquisitions. Copper (a CRM tool built on Google Workspace) has acquired a shopping experience (CX) platform called Sherlock, whose analytics and scoring tools it hopes will help Copper users better understand their customers’ behavior.

Finally, a deal from the APIs segment: the RapidAPI API management platform acquired Pawt, which provides a complete solution for designing your own APIs. Although the amount was not disclosed here, as in the Copper-Sherlock transaction, it is clear that it is not in the order of billions of dollars.

All these transactions show that companies waiting for the epidemic to subside are actively seeking opportunities. to acquire new customers and to serve existing ones more efficiently, and to this end they also boldly use the means of company acquisitions.

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