Details of a 12-month-secret report on Corona and the Wuhan laboratory

Since the outbreak of the new Corona virus appeared in the city of Wuhan in central China, in December of 2019, scientists have been trying to solve the mystery about the origin of the disease in vain.

And amid all the ongoing investigations and the great accusations that have been leveled even Certain countries, there has been no official confirmation until today about the birthplace of the epidemic that actually blames a particular party.

Was it leaked?..maybe!

As for what is new today, it was revealed by a confidential American report, drafted by researchers at the federally supported Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in May 2020, warning that the emerging corona virus, may have leaked from a laboratory in Wuhan, China.

(Lawmakers on congressional committees obtained a copy of it, amid an attempt to revive the search for answers about the origin of the virus, according to CNN.

Security men outside Wuhan Center (Reuters)

However, it is not clear to what extent the report’s findings advance the government’s understanding of the origins of the virus, nor whether it was influential in confirming or exonerating the laboratory’s involvement after disease tests were conducted.)

Woj D also that the virus may have evolved naturally, which is a hypothesis that is still on the table.

“Top Secret”

It is worth noting that the report has gained new political impetus in a building Capitol Hill, where the possibility of an epidemic at the Wuhan Institute of Virology has gained increasing legitimacy in recent months.

) مختبر ووهان - أرشيفية من فرانس برس فريق الصحة العالمية في ووهان - أرشيفية فرانس برس

The document has been available to key lawmakers on Capitol Hill since last year, according to two congressional sources. Some Republicans in the building have expressed frustration that they could not quickly access the document.

While members of the Republican Energy and Commerce Committee have lobbied the Department of Energy in recent weeks for more information on the classified report.


Committee Republicans are conducting their own investigations into the origins of the coronavirus, demanding additional documents from the National Institute of Health and the Department of Security

مختبر ووهان - أرشيفية من فرانس برس Wuhan Laboratory – Archive from AFP

A year after it was first published, the report has become significant, because it provided some early support for the theory that the virus had leaked From a laboratory in Wuhan at a time when intelligence, at least publicly, believed the virus was not “man-made” and likely originated naturally.

Meanwhile, two former officials close to the Trump administration’s investigation have made clear. In the origins of the epidemic, the Livermore report was not discovered by policymakers investigating the matter until months after its release, which raised many questions about the attempt to conceal the report.

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It is reported that the hypothesis of the virus leaking from a Chinese laboratory was strongly back to the fore in recent days in the United States, prompting US President Joe Biden to call on the US intelligence services to prepare a report within 90 days on the origin of the Covid-19 epidemic caused by Corona Virus.

فريق الصحة العالمية في ووهان - أرشيفية فرانس برس

The global health team in Wuhan – AFP archive

Biden’s latest focus has encouraged Facebook to back off its ban on publishing stories linking the lab to the outbreak.

(In contrast, Beijing responded, accusing Washington of spreading “conspiracy” theories about the origin of the COVID-19 epidemic, and considered “politicizing the origin of COVID-19” as a hindrance to the investigations. COVID-19 may have leaked from one of its laboratories, notably the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which was indicted by the former Donald Trump administration.

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