We show the most important security trends of 2021

The global epidemic is moving an increasing slice of our work and private lives into the digital space, offering more opportunities than ever before to cybercriminals. It is estimated that every 39 seconds, hackers find themselves a new target, and with increasingly sophisticated methods, it is difficult to keep up. Small and medium-sized enterprises with scarce resources are most at risk, and they are often harmed through employees, individual users. Experts from Generali and Black Cell have jointly summed up what to prepare for in 2021.

In addition to coronavirus illnesses, there was another sad record in 2020: $ 1 trillion in damage from cybercriminals. which represents more than 1 percent of global GDP. The number of phishing email attacks has increased by about 667 percent, in many cases just trying to drag unsuspecting users into COVID-19-related topics. Crimes targeting corporate devices, laptops and online conference channels are on the rise, but extortion viruses are also becoming more sophisticated and dangerous. In addition to companies with incomplete IT protection and individual users, healthcare institutions, logistics providers and government agencies significantly affected by the pandemic have also been cross-fired, and pressure on the IT systems of financial institutions is increasing. Slowly, cybercriminals themselves are not keeping up the pace: while most attacks are still personally launched by hackers, more and more crimes are being automated by the bad guys in the digital space.

Companies on target: what to look for in 2021?

We can now say with certainty that teleworking, at least in hybrid form, will remain with us for a longer period of time, so it will be key for companies to protect e-mail systems and online communication tools. with knowledgeable professionals and 360 ° IT protection design. Among other things, valuable corporate information will be clouded more and more frequently in this context, so related technologies are expected to take the lead (e.g., two-step authentication). As service providers need to operate fast and reliable communication channels to retain their customers, the real “5G revolution” could come in 2021 – as technology becomes more widespread, users will be increasingly threatened with the most serious and reliable security measures possible.

“The digital world has spread on a huge scale in the context of a pandemic. The necessary, unplanned but even more exponential digitization has generated almost the same proportion of cyber security risks. As a result, the number of phishing attempts has multiplied and sophistication has also evolved, but almost all other cyber-attack vectors are spreading with a power-dependent trend.It is understandable that under time pressure, availability had to be created first so that organizations could continue their productive activities online as much as possible. confidentiality and violation The availability of information systems is directly endangered by ignoring cyber security, “said Gergő Gyebnár, head of the Black Cell information security company.

Better to fear than to be scared

The consequences of data leaks and malicious hacker attacks should not be underestimated, as they can not only lead to financial losses, but also paralyze the entire business for an indefinite period of time, causing immeasurable damage to the company. In many cases, the reputation of the organization is also damaged, as customers / buyers may feel that the service provider has not taken sufficient care of the data entrusted to them. The loss of prestige is not just a threat to businesses: hackers have recently hacked the National Theater’s website and placed unwanted content in place of previously uploaded information. So competition between criminals and security professionals is intensifying, as is the stakes – unfortunately, the “bad guys” often win.

“A sure, more serious resource than ever before must be devoted to cyber defense in 2021. In addition, it will be in the basic interest of companies to provide continuous and thorough training of employees, to organize special trainings, and to prepare for any eventuality and to take out adequate corporate property insurance to avoid more serious crises. Thus, cyber supplementary insurance is becoming more and more popular among companies, which can cover data backup and recovery, hacker and virus attacks, damage to physical data carriers, and even the mitigation of damage caused by power fluctuations. companies can ask Generali’s specialists for help with lightning, “said Dániel Berényi, Generali’s asset manager

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